10 Tips to Try If It’s Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

 Millions of Americans wear contact lenses, but many find it hard to fit contact lenses when they are new to wearing them. Yet, after practicing the technique if you have hard to fit contact lenses, you will find that contact lens application becomes much more manageable. Regardless of whether you’re wearing scleral lenses or a different type of lens, new lens wearers usually become accustomed to performing the task after two to three weeks.


Tips for Applying Hard To Fit Contact Lenses

Here are some tips for when you find it hard to fit contact lenses that can serve you well and make you a pro in no time!

  1. Never try to apply contact lenses when you’re in a hurry. This will cause you to become more flustered and stressed, which rarely results in success. Plan enough time so that you can take your time and stay relaxed. Once it becomes easier and you get better at it, you will not need as much time to insert your lenses.
  2. Have a regular, comfortable place to sit in the same position each time you apply or remove your lenses and be sure this space has a mirror and enough light. As you gain more experience, this won’t be necessary, and you will be able to apply them in almost any setting.
  3. Be patient. It may take a few attempts before you’re successful each time you try. This is normal, especially for those new to wearing contact lenses.
  4. When you remove the contact lenses from their packaging, place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Examine them carefully before application and make sure there are no debris or dust particles stuck to them. Also, make sure the lenses are not inside out.
  5. Use the other hand to lift the top eyelid upward and the bottom lid downward.
  6. Slowly and gently place the lens on the eye and hold it there for a couple of seconds to place the lens correctly.
  7. Don’t rub your eyes, which can cause the contact lens to fold. Instead, blink a few times. This encourages the contact lens to settle correctly into a comfortable spot.
  8. Keep your nails trimmed and short to make this task easier.
  9. Don’t try to apply contact lenses into irritated or tired eyes.
  10. Always put on makeup and creams AFTER applying contact lenses and not before.


Don’t give up! This has a learning curve, just like with any other new task. Your eyes will eventually become less sensitive to wearing contact lenses, and you will become less aware of the presence of the lenses in your eyes.  When patients find it hard to fit contact lenses, they may give up, believing that contact lenses are simply not a good fit for their eyes. However, practice makes perfect, and you will find that the greater visual freedom contact lenses provide makes the effort worth it. In addition, contact lenses accommodate an active lifestyle in a way that eyeglasses cannot. Being able to alternate between wearing both types of corrective eyewear is ideal, as eyeglasses can provide the eyes with a much-needed rest after a long day of wearing contact lenses.



Let Us Guide You With Hard To Fit Contact Lenses

 Choosing the contact lens best suited for your eye’s size and shape is essential. When you have your comprehensive eye exam and lens fitting at Weston Contact Lens Institute, your doctor will take measurements of your eyes and note how open they appear. If your eyes are small, there are options for contact lenses with a smaller diameter that will provide a better fit and ensure that you won’t find it too hard to fit contact lenses.

Schedule your eye exam at WCLI today and become part of the millions of Americans who enjoy the visual freedom and acuity that contact lenses offer. Regain your active lifestyle and quality of life with state-of-the-art contact lenses available at Weston Contact Lens Institute.


Testimonial from Emily, Satisfied Contact Lens Patient
I’ve had a great experience with this optometry office. Always available and trained me with patience as a first time eye contact user. Also have had eye exams and Dr. Kramer was very sweet and patient with me. Would recommend to anyone in the area who needs regular or special contacts depending on your eye condition. Office staff is also very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

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