3 Ways Scleral Lenses Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Scleral lenses are custom-made contact lenses that vault over the cornea and gently land on the sclera (or the white part) of the eye. By vaulting over the cornea instead of landing on it like most contact lenses do, patients with irregular corneas may be more comfortable wearing scleral lenses. This is only one of the many reasons scleral lenses have become so popular.

Scleral lenses can help to treat a number of ocular conditions such as keratoconus, dry eye syndrome, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and many more. Here are three ways that scleral lenses work and how scleral lenses can improve not only your vision but your quality of life.

  1. Improved Comfort
    One of the biggest benefits that scleral lenses provide is the ability to wear them even if you have an irregularly shaped cornea. Patients with irregular corneas are often unable to wear traditional contact lenses, and those who can wear them may still experience a great deal of discomfort. Scleral lenses can address this discomfort, since they do not actually come into contact with the cornea. The reason for this is that the sclera has fewer nerve endings than the cornea, so patients are less likely to experience irritation when wearing scleral lenses which is one of the leading reasons why scleral lenses can improve your quality of life.


  1. Improved ocular surface
    Having dry or irritated eyes can be an obstacle in successful contact lens wear and can get in the way of daily activities. While dry eyes may not seem life-changing, it can be for some. Constantly dealing with dryness can affect quality of life. Scleral lenses have proven to be an excellent way to manage dry eyes, as these lenses create a reservoir for fluid where they vault over the cornea of the eye. This layer of fluid helps tremendously to keep your eyes adequately hydrated while wearing the lenses. Keeping your eyes hydrated is a key part of overall eye health.


  1. Healing of the Ocular Surface
    While their comfort is a big selling point, scleral contact lenses can also help heal the eye’s ocular surface. Due to their ability to hydrate the eye and the fact that they are not hard to fit contact lenses, these lenses are often used to combat conditions that can dry out the eye. However, other conditions may also be addressed with scleral lenses. A leading benefit of why scleral lenses are such a popular choice is the fact that they are custom-made which ensures the lens fits properly, comfortably and stably which only adds to the overall healing process.


Scleral lenses can be highly beneficial and even life-changing to those who decide to incorporate them into their lifestyle.

If you have had trouble with conventional contact lenses or feel that your cornea may have an irregular shape, reach out to your local eye care professional. Together, you can find out whether scleral lenses may be a good way to correct your vision and improve the quality of your daily life. To learn more about how scleral lenses can improve your quality of life, get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment.

Testimonial from Kyle, Satisfied Scleral Lense Patient
Dr. Kramer made the entire process of getting scleral contact lenses fast and stress free. Her and her staff were nothing short of amazing. If you have keratoconus, SEE HER. You will not regret it one bit.

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