5 Reasons Keratoconus Patients Should Consider Kerasoft Lenses

Kerasoft lenses keratoconus

Eyeglasses can be a good solution for people who suffer from keratoconus – at least for in earlier or milder stages of the condition. As the disease progresses, most people will need to switch to rigid gas permeable (corneal or scleral) or hybrid contact lenses. However, some patients struggle with these lenses due to difficulty with application, removal, or getting used to the lenses. For a long time, soft contact lenses were not an option because of their insufficient versatility. However, technology has made some major advances. Today, soft lenses can provide exceptional vision correction for people with keratoconus. Not only can they offer a customized fit, but they can also provide superior comfort and optimal vision correction. Here are five good reasons to consider Kerasoft lenses.

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1. Increased Hydration for Healthier Eyes 

The Definitive Kerasoft lens is different from other vision correction lenses thanks to its high-water content of 74 to 77 percent and its silicone-based composition. This lens allows for very high oxygen transmission to the cornea. That means that the risk of redness, dryness, and swelling is reduced or even eliminated, not to mention the chance of an allergy. The eye can tolerate this type of lens much better, even with greater thickness. Since Kerasoft lenses are extremely thin, they are ideal for people with a wide range of conditions.


2. Better Customization Options

Kerasoft lenses have been developed specifically to fit an irregular cornea. What makes them special is that they have both a central curve and a peripheral curve. Both are independently modifiable. More specifically, the lenses come with four deep peripheral profiles with levels steep 1 to steep 4, and four flat peripheral profiles with levels flat 1 to flat 4. Your optometrist has greater flexibility and can change specific sectors of the peripheral curves at leisure. In this way, the lens fits better on your eye for extremely sharp, stable vision and optimal comfort.


3. Greater Freedom and Quality of Life

Regardless of your age and whether you’ve just recently had to adapt to keratoconus or have done so for many years, your quality of life can deteriorate sharply without appropriate lenses. Leisure activities you had given up on may suddenly be within your reach again, thanks to Kerasoft lenses. You’ll enjoy visual acuity comparable to hard contact lenses, but you can wear them all day, day after day.


4. No Piggybacking Required

Kerasoft lenses are extra-thin, giving wearers the ability to pair them with gas permeable lenses so that the soft contact lens acts as a cushion. However, because Kerasoft offers such good performance, this is no longer necessary. You no longer need two different cleaning systems and soaking liquids. This is an important benefit because needing just one set of lenses saves you both time and money.


5. The Ability to Delay Surgery

Regardless of the skill and capabilities of the practitioner, all surgeries come with some risks. Surgery should be the last resort for any condition, and keratoconus is no exception. In some cases, the specialized Kerasoft contact lenses can delay the need for surgery. If your surgery does become unavoidable, you can still use Kerasoft lenses after the procedure.

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To find out more about Kerasoft lenses and whether they might be suitable for you, contact us. We’ll be happy to find the best fit for you.


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