5 Ways That Ortho-k Lenses Can Improve Your Vision and Your Quality of Life

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Are you frustrated with having to wear glasses? Are you struggling to find a pair of comfortable contact lenses? This is where Ortho-k lenses can be an invaluable alternative.

Ortho-k lenses, also commonly referred to as Orthokeratology contact lenses or corneal reshaping therapy, have been in existence for decades and are incredibly effective at correcting myopia, astigmatism, and other vision issues. Here are five ways in which Ortho-k lenses can improve the quality of your life:


Improvement #1: Children

Although Ortho-k lenses are a viable option for virtually anyone, children will particularly benefit from them if they have been diagnosed with myopia. Unfortunately, more and more children develop this condition which is an inability to see objects clearly that are nearby (also referred to as nearsightedness). Ultimately, Ortho-k lenses can help to slow the progression of myopia in children which is the leading reason why many optometrists and eye experts consider this type of lens to be the most effective solution for this condition. The lenses offer a painless and hassle-free alternative to traditional corrective eye solutions which gives children a certain sense of visual freedom when it comes to important aspects of their life such as school or sports without having to worry about wearing glasses. The treatment itself is incredibly effective at slowing down the progression of myopia. Keep in mind that if myopia goes unchecked in children, it could lead to severe eye health problems for them later in life which can include an increased chance of conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.



Improvement #2: You Won’t Feel Discomfort

Ortho-k lenses are specifically designed to be worn overnight which makes treatment much easier and more manageable. During the overnight hours, Ortho-k lenses effectively reshape your corneas to help improve your vision, however many people assume that the reshaping process causes pain or discomfort. Most people don’t even feel the lenses in their eyes while they are sleeping. Ortho-k lenses are easy to apply, remove and take care of.


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Improvement #3: Alleviating Other Site Issues

Although Ortho-k lenses are incredibly effective at treating myopia, they can also help with astigmatism, presbyopia and hyperopia. Refractive errors are much more manageable now thanks to Ortho-k, ensuring that you can go through an entire day without wearing glasses. Sometimes the effect can last even more than one day!



Improvement #4: Ortho-k Lenses Provide Quick Results

Ortho-k lenses provide visual stability within 2-4 weeks after initiating the treatment.


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Learn More about Ortho-k Lenses

We’re always happy to take the time to speak with you in more detail about the benefits of using Ortho-k lenses to correct your vision. To learn more about why this may be the best option for you, schedule an appointment and take this opportunity to correct your vision problems and improve your overall quality of life.


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