8 Benefits of Prosthetic Contact Lenses

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Prosthetic contact lenses are designed to provide therapeutic, cosmetic, and psychological benefits for the patients who need them. People who require these lenses may have congenital eye abnormalities, or they may have sustained traumatic injuries that resulted in some type of eye disfigurement. Soft contact lenses offer a solution with a long list of important advantages.


  1. Cosmetic enhancement

Patients who seek prosthetic contact lenses are commonly interested in the cosmetic benefits of these lenses. These individuals may have scarring of the eye, noticeable congenital defects, or other types of disfigurements. Using the right prosthetic lenses can significantly reduce the visibility of these conditions, giving the patient’s eyes a more natural appearance.


  1. A natural look

Not only can prosthetic lenses conceal eye abnormalities, but they do so in a very natural-looking way. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your prosthetic contact lenses match the look of your natural eyes closely. From custom hand-painting to color tinting, there are several ways to create lenses that mimic the look, size, shape, and color of your own eyes.


  1. Less light sensitivity

Eye trauma can often lead to issues with photophobia or sensitivity to light. An eye injury can damage the iris in a way that causes excessive dilation of the pupil, reducing the eye’s ability to filter light adequately. Soft prosthetic contact lenses can simulate normal pupil dilation and size, helping significantly with photophobia.


  1. Help for double vision

Double vision is another issue that often accompanies eye trauma or surgery. This problem may be short-term or chronic. One way to address double vision is to wear an eye patch, but this approach is neither subtle nor comfortable. Custom designed prosthetic lenses can correct double vision by incorporating a black pupil over one eye that blocks out light. These lenses can come with or without a painted iris, depending on the patient’s preference.


  1. Improved contrast and color vision

Think about a time when you wore sunglasses with special tinting that enhanced your vision. The right tint and color of sunglasses can maximize contrast, reduce color deficiencies you may have, and offer other advantages. If you have partial color blindness or are looking for ways to improve your vision during sporting events, colored prosthetic lenses can help.


  1. Less glare

“Glare” refers to poor visual performance or discomfort caused by excessive light intensity in the visual field. Simply put, you experience glare when too much light enters your eye, and your eye’s ability to manage it is compromised. Your soft prosthetic contact lenses can be explicitly designed to help reduce glare, making you more comfortable in your daily routine and improving your overall quality of life.


  1. Improved self-confidence

For some patients, the comfort or appearance of their prosthetic contact lenses is not the most critical factor. One of the less tangible advantages of these lenses is that they can increase your feelings of self-esteem and confidence in your interactions with others. Some eye defects or injuries are highly visible, affecting how you might feel when you are out in public or around other people in a professional or social setting. Prosthetic lenses mimic the look of natural eyes, helping you feel much more comfortable in your own skin.


  1. Peace of mind

When you see your eye doctor about prosthetic contact lenses, you’ll end up with a pair of custom lenses designed to address your specific issues. You’ll achieve a more natural appearance, reduced symptoms such as glare or double vision, and feel better about yourself day to day. Having these problems solved and feeling good about your appearance can result in overall happiness and peace of mind about your look and functional vision. Contact us today to learn more.


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