Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses

Color Vision Enhancing with Specialty Contact Lenses

People who are unable to see colors in a normal way have a condition known as colorblindness. People with this condition often have trouble distinguishing between specific colors, typically greens, […]

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Multifocal Contact Lenses

How Do Multifocal Contact Lenses Work and Are They Right for You?

Modern advances in contact lens technology can provide clear vision for people with presbyopia without needing the use of eyeglasses. If your eyes require a reading prescription (with or without […]

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Scleral Lenses miami

What Vision Problems Do Scleral Lenses Correct?

Have you been wearing standard contact lenses but struggling to achieve the results you want in terms of visual acuity and comfort? If so, then now might be the right […]

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Contacts for Keratoconus miami

Contacts for Keratoconus: What Are My Options?

If you are struggling with keratoconus, then you are likely in need of an alternative to standard soft contact lenses. While soft lenses can provide a great deal of both […]

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ortho-K lenses for myopia miami

Why Ortho-K Lenses Are the Perfect Treatment to Correct Myopia

If you have been diagnosed with myopia, then you know that the condition means that you’re nearsighted–objects at a distance are blurry or difficult to bring into focus. You rely […]

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