Eye Deseases

macular degeneration

Macular degeneration: is there a cure and how can it be treated before it’s too late?

Macular degeneration is the number one cause of vision loss in the United States. According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF), the condition affects 10 million Americans, more than […]

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Nearsightedness myopia

What Are My Options for Correcting Nearsightedness?

Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems in the world—especially among people under the age of 40. Myopia allows you to be able […]

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dry eyes

7 Ways You Can Get Rid of or Treat Chronic Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is often chronic and progressive. Depending on its severity and cause, it may or may not be difficult to treat. However, in most cases, symptoms can be significantly […]

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