Five Things You Can Expect When You Start Wearing Scleral Lenses

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Scleral lenses are custom, large diameter rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses that provide myriad benefits for patients suffering from a wide range of ocular conditions, corneal irregularities, and/or visual impairments. These innovative lenses offer a precise, personalized fit. They are known to provide a superior solution for patients who have had little success wearing standard RGP contact lenses or traditional soft lenses. If you have just been prescribed scleral lenses, here are five things you can expect when you start wearing them.

1. Achieving a proper fit is vital. Unlike other contact lenses, scleral lenses have a specialized design and are customized to fit your eyes with total precision. You must first have an eye exam to achieve a proper fit that feels comfortable and provides the highest level of vision correction. During the exam, measurements of your eye will be taken, and your doctor will evaluate the fit of your lenses. Your doctor will also determine the lens power that will provide you with the sharpest visual acuity. During this initial visit, you will be able to try out diagnostic scleral contact lenses and experience the potential vision and comfort they will provide. Scleral contact lenses are known for providing crisper, clearer vision correction than eyeglasses and other types of contact lenses. Your doctor will design and order your lenses, and you will be asked to return to receive them approximately two weeks later. During the second visit, you will learn how to insert, remove, and care for them. Your doctor will check to see if any modifications are needed to improve fit, comfort, or vision. We are always here to help you with hard to fit contact lenses.



2. Your eyes will adjust to wearing scleral lenses. Scleral lens have a much wider diameter compared to other contact lenses. The diameter can range anywhere from 14.5 mm to 24 mm. The lenses’ large diameter and fixed shape allow them to vault over your cornea and rest solely on your eye’s conjunctiva overlying the sclera or the transparent white part of your eye. This may take some getting used to. While scleral lenses are generally quite comfortable to wear, in some cases, it could take up to ten days to get used to your new lenses. Your doctor will provide recommendations for getting through this adjustment period comfortably.

3. Be sure only to wear scleral lenses when your eyes are not irritated. Do not wear your lenses if your eyes are red or you suspect an infection. If your eyes become irritated from hours of wear, remove them to give your eyes a rest and allow them to recover and consult your eye care practitioner.



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4. Taking care of your lenses. When you receive your lenses, your eye doctor will provide thorough instructions about how to care for them. General guidelines include keeping your fingernails short and always washing your hands before handling your lenses. Also, cleaning your lenses after each wear is essential, using the products recommended by your doctor. Your doctor will recommend a case to store them in, which must be kept clean and dry when not used. Proper care of your scleral lenses will maximize their longevity and reduce the risk of infection. You can expect your scleral lenses to last two to five years with appropriate care.

5. You cannot sleep wearing your lenses. Sleeping while wearing lenses is not permitted unless explicitly recommended by your eye care practitioner. Remove your lenses every night, even if you take a short nap.



At Weston Contact Lens Institute, we offer scleral lenses to treat patients with a range of eye conditions. Scleral lenses provide clear vision, restoration of the ocular surface, and comfortable wear, and they allow patients to reclaim an active lifestyle. Consult with an eye care professional at Weston Contact Lens Institute and find out if scleral lenses are right for you.


Testimonial from Daryl, Satisfied Scleral Lens Patient
Getting scleral lenses was made easy by a great doctor and great staff members. My thanks to Shevonne and others who helped train me on how to use the lenses and care for them.

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