Scleral Lenses: A Game Changer for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

Scleral Lenses: A Game Changer for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

If you’ve consistently struggled with your vision, having tried glasses and lenses of all shapes and sizes, you may be the ideal candidate for scleral lenses. Ocular injuries and diseases can make it difficult to find a solution that is comfortable and provides adequate vision correction.

Scleral lenses are unique in their design and their ability to help patients who haven’t benefited from traditional treatment options. Scleral lenses are extremely advanced and continue to provide exceptional results as the technology develops.


What Sets Scleral Lenses Apart?

For patients with corneal damage, scleral lenses can offer clear vision. Scleral lenses sit on the white of the eye and are fitted to ensure that the peak of the lens doesn’t rest on the cornea. Because they are completely custom made, they will fit your eye precisely so you can enjoy clear vision all day.

To promote the flow of oxygen to the eye, scleral lenses are made using a gas-permeable rigid polymer. This helps to oxygenate the cells in the cornea and maintain healthy function.

The fitting process for scleral lenses can take longer than regular contact lenses due to the need for minor changes along the way. We may need a few appointments to make precise adjustments that will ensure the adequate fit. While the fitting and adjustment period for scleral lenses is longer than regular lenses, the final lenses will meet your exact needs.


What are the Benefits of Scleral Lenses?

On the back side of scleral lenses there is a small reservoir between the lens and the cornea. This reservoir is a specially designed space to hold a preservative-free saline solution. The saline continuously bathes the cornea which combats dry eye. The moisture also aids in post-surgical healing by preventing scabs and scarring on the eye.

For patients with irregularly shaped corneas, the liquid reservoir acts as a new corneal surface to neutralize irregularities, making it possible to enjoy consistently clear vision. If you have a disease that affects the inner lining of your eyelids, blinking can cause pain friction on the cornea. In this type of case, scleral lenses can correct vision and protect the ocular.


Which Conditions Can Be Treated Using Scleral Lenses?

There are numerous ocular conditions that do not benefit from wearing glasses or traditional lenses. In these cases, patients can spend years struggling to find a way to see comfortably. We have seen excellent results treating the following conditions in our patients using scleral lenses:

  • Graft vs Host Disease
  • Corneal degenerations and dystrophies
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Keratoconus and ectasia
  • Chemical and burn injuries
  • Post-corneal transplant
  • Eyelid abnormalities
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Post Radial Keratotomy


Are Scleral Lenses a Good Option for You?

If you have astigmatism, refractive error, severe dry eye, constant irritation, or have suffered corneal injury, you may find that regular lenses can cause immense discomfort and pain. For those with irregularly shaped corneas, poor-fitting lenses may even irritate the cornea, exacerbating the existing discomfort.

Even if you don’t have irregular corneas, you may still find scleral lenses more comfortable and consistent than standard options which aren’t as stable, centered and customized.

Our patients who spend the majority of their day in front of a screen often find scleral lenses to be more comfortable for long-term wear due to the tear film reservoir. The saline prevents the eyes from drying out to minimize irritation and drying. Scleral lenses can also be cleaned and topped up during the day to extend their wear.

There are certain factors such as low endothelial cell density that we look for to determine if you will benefit from scleral lenses. If we don’t feel 100% confident that you will experience significant improvements, our optometrists will suggest alternative treatment options.


Experience the Life Changing Magic of Scleral Lenses

Clear vision shouldn’t be a comfort afforded exclusively to certain patients. At the Weston Contact Lens Institute, we are extremely passionate about helping everyone we meet experience uncompromised vision. Our practice is driven by the desire to help our patients live full lives, not held back by compromised vision and ocular discomfort.

Our specialist optometrists have extensive training and experience along with prestigious qualifications to fit and create custom scleral lenses to suit your needs. We make use of the latest advancements in our field to provide unparalleled results for every patients who walks through our doors.

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