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Dry Eye Spa

At Weston Contact Lens Institute, we are proud to welcome you to our Dry Eye Spa. Dry eye syndrome affects many people and is the result of inflammation and chronic lack of adequate moisture on the surface of the eye. Its effects range from mild discomfort to severe inflammation of the eye. Luckily, there are effective treatments for this condition. At Weston Contact Lens Institute in South Florida, we offer a luxurious spa setting and a variety of dry eye treatments to have your eyes feeling more comfortable. Our treatments include:

Basic Eyelid Cleanse – $60
This 20-minute treatment involves a relaxing cucumber eyelid soak followed by a massage and scrub with Tea Tree and coconut oils. It is the ideal way to relax and unwind while you soothe inflammation and restore the natural balance of your eyes.

Advanced Demodex Eyelid Cleanse – $75
This eyelid cleanse includes a cucumber eyelid soak, Tea Tree and coconut oil massage, and a special eye mask that utilizes far infrared heating technology. We’ll wrap the heating pad comfortably around your eyes to deliver a warming flow of heat. This treatment improves the flow of meibum from the glands in your eyelids and the blood circulation around your eyes.

Posterior Blepharitis Meibomian Gland Massage – $25
The meibomian glands are one type of exocrine glands located at the rim of the eyelids. They supply meibum, an oily substance that helps your eyes retain moisture. Our advanced treatment combines one of the above therapies with a specialized eyelid massage using gentle vibrations to express meibum gently and restore moisture and comfort to the eyes.

Anterior Blepharitis Treatment – $50
This treatment is designed to release the toxins that restrict and congest the eyelid and to cleanse the area. We’ll gently exfoliate your eyelids with a textured disc. This procedure decreases bacterial debris, which can lead to inflammatory lid disease. It also improves your eyelids’ overall health.

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