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Emergency Eye Care Weston FL

Besides regular checkups and eye exams, it’s important to have emergency eye care available when you need it. At Weston Contact Lens Institute in South Florida, we provide emergency services to address urgent eye health matters such as illness or injury. Regardless of how careful you are to protect your eyes, there are times when an unexpected illness or injury will occur. In these cases, time is of the essence.

If you experience an eye care emergency, you should first determine whether you need emergency medical attention before seeking the care of an eye doctor. For example, if the eye injury is part of a more extensive or severe injury, you should seek emergency medical care first. However, there are a variety of reasons you may need emergency eye care. We have the equipment and training to take care of all your eye health needs in one convenient location. In addition to the regular eye exams and corrective lenses for which you already rely on us, we are also your go-to point of contact for:

  • Irritated or red eyes
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Eye burning
  • Eye allergies
  • Painful or puffy eyes
  • Viral or bacterial infections such as pink eye
  • Foreign objects or substances in the eye such as metal slivers, splinters, or chemicals
  • Flashes, floaters, or spots, which could indicate a retinal tear or detachment
  • Sudden vision loss (one or both eyes)
  • Eye injuries

Any of the above symptoms warrant immediate consultation or evaluation. If you experience an eye emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an urgent appointment. We are qualified and equipped to deal with a wide range of eye conditions. Some hospital emergency departments don’t have the proper devices available to handle eye-specific emergencies. Contact our Weston, FL office for emergency care or more information about our services.