Seven Benefits Keratoconus Patients can Reap from Wearing Scleral Lenses

Benefits Keratoconus Patients can Reap from Wearing Scleral Lenses

Keratoconus is a complex condition affecting the eye in which the outer layer of the eye itself, the cornea, becomes too weak to keep the correct shape. As the cornea thins, it tends to take on a cone-like shape. Keratoconus can cause blurry vision, light sensitivity, high myopia, and astigmatism. Scleral lenses are an ideal treatment for people with keratoconus for the following reasons:


  1. Sharper and Clearer Vision


The most significant benefit experienced by patients using scleral lenses is a marked improvement in visual acuity and quality of vision. While keratoconus can have a very noticeable impact on your vision, using a scleral lens provides a restoration of the clarity you’ve lost.


  1. Excellent for Those with Dry Eyes


Some people with keratoconus may also have dry eyes, though some patients experience dry eyes alone. Scleral lens addresses this concern. Sitting on the sclera, or white of the eye, the lens forms a “vault” over the cornea. In this gap, natural tears and preservative free saline blend together and keep the eyes moist, comfortable and hydrated during wear.


  1. Very Comfortable to Wear


Many patients report that scleral lenses are much more comfortable for daily wear and use than other types of contact lenses. The cone-like shape of an eye affected by keratoconus makes regular contact lenses unlikely to fit correctly, which can cause a great deal of irritation. In addition, scleral lenses do not move very much and are stable. When fit adequately, they gently land on the white part of the eye. Once you adjust to scleral lenses, it’s easy to forget they’re even there.


  1. Durable, Lasting Lenses That Keep Working Well


Scleral lenses are designed with materials intended for a much longer lifespan than soft disposable lenses. With more durable lenses, you don’t need to worry about repeated replacements.


  1. Reduced Sensitivity to Bright Light Glares


Scleral lenses also help reduce light sensitivity many keratoconus patients experience. By supporting the eye to better focus the light that it receives, the lens can substantially lower the amount of glare caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. This effect can make many daily activities easier for patients, such as driving.


  1. Useful for Correcting Astigmatism


Irregular astigmatism is a result of keratoconus. Scleral lenses completely vault over the cornea and the fluid layer in between the lens and the eye neutralize any irregularities causing irregular astigmatism. Even substantial amounts of corneal astigmatism in moderate to severe keratoconus can be effectively corrected with scleral lenses.


  1. Promote Better Eye Health


Recall that a preservative-free saline solution fills the space inside a scleral lens and helps to cushion and protect the eye. Research suggests that the hydration this fluid provides to the surface of the eye may promote healing and the improvement in symptoms of ocular disease. Patients wearing scleral lenses can enjoy improved vision and comfort while also providing their eyes with an important safeguard.


Keratoconus can be visually debilitating, but the right lenses makes living with this condition more comfortable and less stressful. Are you interested in learning more about how scleral lenses offer improved comfort and vision to keratoconus patients? Say hello to the team at the Weston Contact Lens Institute. Our optometrists are specialized in keratoconus, are ready to help and can create custom-fit lenses to suit the unique needs of your eyes. To discover more about this option, make an appointment today.


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