July 2021

4 Benefits of Hybrid Lenses

Hybrid lenses

Hybrid lenses offer excellent vision correction and superior comfort for patients with corneal astigmatism or presbyopia with astigmatism.   You may be aware that there are “hard” and “soft” contact […]

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The Difference Between Hybrid Lenses vs. GP Lenses vs. Disposable Soft Lenses

hybrid lenses soft lenses

For people who don’t want to wear eyeglasses, contact lenses are a great alternative. There are many types of lenses on the market, and your eye care practitioner can help […]

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4 Specialty Lenses for Cornea Conditions

specialty contact lenses miami

Not all contact lenses are created equal. While most contacts are intended to be an alternative to eyeglasses, patients with corneal conditions, such as keratoconus or corneal transplants, may struggle […]

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