March 2023

What You Can Expect After You Start Wearing Ortho-K Lenses

Ortho-K Lenses

If you’re tired of the daily grind of wearing glasses or contacts or want a more convenient and effective way to correct your vision, ortho-k lenses may be the solution. […]

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Are Ortho-K Lenses Better Than Glasses for Your Child?

ortho-k lenses child kids

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common type of refractive error where close objects appear clear but distant objects appear out of focus or blurry. Myopia affects children and adults, and […]

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5 Ways That Ortho-k Lenses Can Improve Your Vision and Your Quality of Life

ortho-k lenses miami

Are you frustrated with having to wear glasses? Are you struggling to find a pair of comfortable contact lenses? This is where Ortho-k lenses can be an invaluable alternative. Ortho-k […]

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What You Can Expect During an Appointment for Ortho-K Lenses

orthokeratology ortho-k lense miami

Ortho-K lenses are special contact lenses designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning, leaving you with clear vision all day. Find out if you’re a good […]

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Why Ortho-K Lenses Are the Perfect Treatment to Correct Myopia

ortho-K lenses for myopia miami

If you have been diagnosed with myopia, then you know that the condition means that you’re nearsighted–objects at a distance are blurry or difficult to bring into focus. You rely […]

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