Vuity Eye Drops: The Newest Treatment Option for Presbyopia

Vuity Eye Drops: The Newest Treatment Option for Presbyopia

Vuity eye drops are the latest addition in treatment options when it comes to assisting patients with presbyopia. Vuity is the first prescription eye drop that has been FDA approved to treat mild to moderate presbyopia. Presbyopia causes patients to have difficulty focusing on nearby objects, making reading and day-to-day tasks very difficult.



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Understanding Presbyopia

Presbyopia inevitable. Currently, it impacts over 1.8 billion people across the world. This condition is the result of the lens of the eye hardening. This hardening makes the lens less flexible, resulting in the lens being unable to change shape like it’s supposed to when focusing and unfocusing. This condition often develops as patients grow older, with many middle-aged adults being diagnosed with the condition which is why it’s commonly referred to as age-related blurry near vision. Some of the common signs and symptoms associated with presbyopia include needing a brighter light to read, moving something that you need to read further away (to at an arm’s length) so that it will focus, and squinting.


Previous Methods of Treatment

Previously, a variety of methods existed to try correct the effects of presbyopia which included glasses and contact lenses, which worked to varying degrees. Vuity eye drops can require as little as one drop a day, taking virtually no time out of any busy schedule and can be used alone or in conjunction with previous corrective methods.


How Vuity Eye Drops Work

Vuity eye drops treat presbyopia by reducing the size of the pupil. This reduction in pupil size causes certain eye muscles to contract, which allows patients to see close-up objects with more clarity. This type of eye drop is defined as a miotic drop.

The active ingredient in Vuity is Pilocarpine HCl ophthalmic solution 1.25%. Pilocarpine is used in other medications that constrict pupils. It can also be found in medications that lower intra-ocular pressure.

Patients using Vuity eye drops only need to use one drop for each eye per day to see results. If the patient needs to take other drops, Vuity should be administered at least fifteen minutes apart from other drops.


Important Facts About Vuity

Vuity lists eye redness and headaches as possible but uncommon side effects of the eye drops. If someone with contact lenses uses Vuity eye drops, it’s critical that they remove the contacts prior to applying the eye drops. Once the drops are applied, Vuity advises that patients should wait at least fifteen minutes before putting their contact lenses back in.


Vuity Treats Presbyopia Without Much Patient Interference

With just one drop in each eye every day, Vuity eye drops can be life-changing to those that use them. This revolutionary form of treatment bodes well for the future of innovation in eye care.


If you’re ready to learn more about Vuity eye drops and how they can improve your vision, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.


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